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Archivio del Servizio Geologico. Formerly at the Largo di Santa Susanna Headoffice, Rome

The documents here reproduced where kept in loose folders, stacked in old cupboards at the Headoffice of the Servizio Geologico in Rome, now being refurnished and destined to other uses. The majority of documents was photocopied during the mid 1990s, before a variety of vicissitudes linked to the refurbishing of the building made them unavailable. In 2003, one officer of the Servizio Geologico has put at our disposal a series of documents he salvaged from destruction in the early 1990s. We are grateful to Mr. Volpe for his cooperation to reconstitute an essential segment of the archive. The documents belonging to the "Volpe Archive" are individually acknowledged. Thanks to Internet, this important lost collection of State papers is now available to scholars.

Whereas some folder showed thematic unity (for instance, the fascinating documents relating to the first and second open competition to select geologists for the surveying work in the "Volpe Archiveé section), or format coherence (a collection of several hundred postcards, again in the Volpe Archive, not reproduced here), the vast majority followed a rough chronological order, usually by year. It has been decided to reproduce the documents in chronological order, though the database can of course be explored following other criteria (personal names, correspondence, etc.).

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